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Warren Highlands Trail


Warren Highlands Trail: blue blazed.

0.00 The western terminus of the Warren Highlands Trail is on the NJ side of the Northampton Street Free Bridge in Phillipsburg NJ. From here, it is possible to connect with the D&L Trail (See Delaware and Lehigh Trail) which at this point is also a part of the main Highlands Trail route by crossing the river, followed paths along Larry Holmes Drive to the left, crossing the Lehigh along Rt 611 south, and turning left onto the Lehigh Canal towpath along the slackwater section of the river. It is also possible to follow the Morris Canal Greenway from this same point (See Morris Canal Greenway).

Turn away from the Delaware River through Union Square, cross and turn left on Main Street. NOTE: THIS SECTION IS NOT YET BLAZED; FOLLOW DESCRIPTION.

0.15 Heading north along Main Street, there are old frames of buildings built into the cliff on the right. It is not hard to picture this area as a once prosperous industrial center.

0.18 A former road to the right turns.

0.27 Pass beneath Rt 22 after crossing it's on and off ramp. Originally known as the Bushkill Street Bridge, the highway was raised following the flood of 1955. The westbound lane has a walkway where good views of the Delaware are available. Continue along North Main Street, and notice the original alignment of the highway abandoned to the right.

0.50 Reach an intersection. 3rd Street, Broad Street and Memorial Parkway. Cross and continue ahead on Broad Street.

0.70 Pass Judd Alley on the left after passing China Alley and Fourth Street.

0.84 Turn right on another alley out to North Main Street and turn left, near the intersection with Delaware Ave. Use caution along this section of road.

1.37 Pass Europe Garage and a water company road on the right at a small concrete underpass for a dry wash.

1.52 Look for blue blazes on poles at the entrance to an access road to the right, entering Marble Hill Nature Preserve. Turn in here, and then soon turn left off of the access road; where utility rights of way go straight, right, and left, turn left. Watch for blue blazes on rocks. Travel down hill a bit on the utility right of way.

1.70 The trail and utility right of way diverge. Rt 621 is once again close to the trail. The Phillipsburg Pump House, once the water source for town, is in sight to the left down an access road.

- Continue along the trail, here an old roadway heading up hill away from the road and river. There are views of the Delaware River through trees to the left while ascending.

- Orange blazed Iron Mine Trail (orange blazed) turns off to the right. It leads in a short distance to the Fulmer Mine and masonry ruins. It then continues along the hillside past other pit mines before re-joining Warren Highlands Trail. The trail continues among Rhododendrons.

- Reach crest of a rise. To the left there is a giant fire pit and an excellent view across the Delaware to St. Anthony's Nose, part of Gollub Park in PA. The trail turns left away from the slope here, and the Iron Mine Trail (orange blazed) re-joins. The Warren Highlands Trail turns left and descends through thick Rhododendrons, and once more reaches the edge of the slope with nice seasonal views.

- Watch for turn blazes. Unmarked trail continues ahead, while Warren Highlands Trail turns right gradually up hill, then turns left.

- Cross a washed out area. Much of this area is prone to strange flooding due to the planned construction of a new high school on the hillside to the right.

- An ATV path leads to the right toward the chain link fences erected around the future school site. Continue across a deep gash in the hillside through which flows a spring.

- Reach a second deep gash in the hillside with a spring flowing through it. Immediately after climbing the hill to the other side, the Warren Highlands Trail breaks off to the right. The unmarked trail continues down hill to Marble Hill Road. NOTE: THE WARREN HIGHLANDS TRAIL IS NOT BLAZED WEST OF HERE! We attempt to describe the route the trail will take, without great detail for the time being. Refer back to www.metrotrails.org for regular updates on trail construction. Hikers should not attempt to follow the trail until it is marked; some sections have not yet been constructed

- After passing several large trees, Warren Highlands Trail turns left on an old woods road. The trail leaves Marble Hill Nature Preserve and enters state park land.

- Cross a small power line cut.

- The trail leaves the woods road, ascending to the right.

- Reach an open field and a stone row with beautiful panoramic farm view. The trail will follow the right edge of the field.

- The trail will turn left, continuing along the field.

- At the end of the field, the trail will turn right on a farm lane through an open area.

- Turn left off of the lane and through a strip of woods just south of another field.

- The trail reaches a dirt drive and several big rig trailers. It will turn right here, heading southwest, then head south to Belvidere Road through a vacant lot.

- Cross and turn left on Belvidere Road

- Pass Belview Road on the right.

- The trail turns right and skirts the edge of a field on the right. At the end of the field, it turns right and follows the north tree line.

- The trail will cut through a line of trees near a creek and enter another field, skirting it to the left.

- Pass through another line of trees and skirt the tree line to the left.

- Reach Stryker Road. Turn left.

- Reach Rt 519. Turn right.

- Turn left on Fairway Drive and follow it to the end at the private land.

- Turn left along Harkers Hollow Golf Course and ascend into woods a bit. A system of woods roads leads through to Wester Road.

- Turn right on Wester Road. It changes names to Decker Road. An alternative off road route is being saught through this area, but has not yet been approved.

- Turn left on Fox Farm Road

- Reach an access to Merril Creek Nature Preserve. Walk the access road to the trail on the right. It leads to the Perimeter Trail.

- Reach Perimeter Trail and turn left.

- Cross a dike

- Pass Hawk Watch on the Perimeter Trail. Continue past a view of Wind Gap, and then cross over another dike.

- The trail follows the former route of Fox Farm Road for a time, then remains along the water of the Merril Creek inlet.

- The trail crosses a foot bridge over Merril Creek. Continue and turn left on Creek Trail.

- Turn left off of Creek Trail onto Pond Trail.

- At pond, turn right on unblazed route to the intersection of Fox Farm Road, Allens Mills Road, and Richline Road. Continue ahead on Allens Mills Road.

- Tiny settlement of Montana. The old church and school is on the left.

- Turn right on Harmony-Brass Castle Road. The route will follow the road from here to Roaring Rock Park.

From here, the route has not yet been define exactly. It will use the existing trails through Roaring Rock, and pass through state land eventually to West Oxford Mountain Nature Preserve. The route will cross Rt 31 in Oxford, then continue along the former Warren Railroad bed across Rt 46. It will be only a short road walk from here to Mountain Lake where the current terminus of the "Jenny Jump Trail" is. The trail will follow this route to Farview Road, then follow Summit Trail and Ghost Lake Trail to Shades of Death Road. From here, it will follow Shades of Death Road to the Lehigh and Hudson River Railroad bed briefly, then enter Allamuchy Mountain State Park.

Keep watching www.metrotrails.org for updates

The section from Ghost Lake to Allamuchy Mountain will most likely be a road walk much of the way; here is the description:

- From the end of the Ghost Lake Trail on Shades of Death Road, turn left.

- Pass Shades of Death Road parking area. Unmarked side trail to the left here leads to "The Fairy Hole" a popular former Native American excavation site. It is a small cave.

- Pass under Rt 80. Notice off to the left prior to and after the highway the abandoned former route of Shades of Death Road in the trees. It might make an excellent trail route.

- Pass Southtown Road on the left.

- Pass Lenape Lane, a driveway on the right

- Pass Bear Creek Road on the left

- Pass Rydel Road on the left

- Turn Right on Gibbs Road

- Turn right on Long Bridge Road

- Turn left off of the road onto the abandoned Lehigh and Hudson River Railroad bed.

- Reac Rt 612 at Allamuchy Freight Station and turn right on the road.

- Enter the town of Allamuchy. Pizza place on left. Turn left here out to Rt 517.

- Turn left on Rt 517. Switchback Trail is just ahead on the right, on old Stuyvesant Road.