"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks." John Muir (1838 – 1914)

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What’s Going On?

Come Hiking!

Every week Michael Helbing leads a group of hikers on a 15-20 mile hike somewhere in the NY/Philly Metro area. These hikes may be rural, they may be urban; but they are never boring!

This Week’s Hike:

Click on HIKES for a complete picture of where we go, and what we see!


Various agencies have kept us busy in 2014, and we feel finally in 2015 we are starting to reap the fruits of all that labor.

Metrotrails focuses on building connections by either connecting small parks and public lands to each other, or by working with land preservation groups (government and otherwise) to help them get the most out of land acquisitions. These projects are growing monthly, and our team is having trouble keeping up.

We are looking for other groups to join us in trail building and trail maintenance duties.

Locations and dates will be announced. Want to join us? Or, do you and your group have a trail-building project that is waiting for our talents? Click on PROJECTS to get more information.

We are also looking for groups to USE the trails and greenways we are working to secure. Please get out and enjoy them whenever you can.

Hosting courtesy of Firebrand Communications.

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