"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks." John Muir (1838 – 1914)

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What’s Going On?

Come Hiking!

Every week Michael Helbing leads a group of hikers on a 15-20 mile hike somewhere in the NY/Philly Metro area. These hikes may be rural, they may be urban; but they are never boring!

This Week’s Hike:

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Our volunteers are anxiously waiting for this promise of spring weather to become reality so we can begin our trail maintenance and rehabilitation projects. Dates will be announced. Want to join us? Or, do you and your group have a trail-building project that is waiting for our talents? Click on PROJECTS to get more information.

In The News:

Where are we in 2014   ?

2014 has been equally rewarding and challenging. Warren County projects keep our group busy, including building on the 2013 opening of the Marble Hill preserve and the first section of the Warren Highlands Trail.

The weekly hikes continue, stretching all points of the NYC/Philly Metro area. Highlights include the Warren Railroad, the Morris Canal Greenway, and the New Jersey Perimeter hikes.

Open Space Resource Library

This is a resource compiled with care and love of a hobby that consumes us. Many of the hikes come very close to private land, and some of the history discussed is now private or unsafe. Please protect this resource by being responsible. With that being said, please browse the library and find someplace new to hike! Click here to visit the library.

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